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Purposefully FIERECE - Taking Back Control

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  • You were designed with confidence and excellence. Purposefully Fierce – Taking Back Control was birthed to motivate you to explorer deep within who GOD has created and predestined you to be. You will be empowered and restored with confidence and excellence, decree and declare it daily.

    You will self-reflect and may realize that you have allowed other’s or circumstance to dictate who you are, what you do and when you do it. It is imperative that you take back control and do not apologize for doing so.

    Write your vision, know your purpose, set your goals and review them daily. Write positive affirmations and decree and declare them. Know that new visions will come, write them plainly, you may have a different purpose in another season, and you will set new goals.


    Be FIERCE!!!

    Take Back Control.

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